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There  is much to love about London. I’ve lived here for over 6 years now and still can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be. I can (and do) talk at length about the reasons why I love this city and I would undoubtedly be capable of producing a list that runs well into the hundreds. However, I’ll spare you this on the grounds that not only would you lose the will to live, but also because I’m not entirely confident I could convince Springboard management that Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium (London’s first cat cafe!) should serve as a bona fide reason in its own right as to why someone should move to a new city. Although personally, I am certain that it can!

On that note then, my top 10 reasons why you should move to London today!

  • Boundless opportunity whatever you’re in to – Whether you’re a high-flying young professional looking for your next step up the corporate ladder or an artsy, creative type, London is brimming with opportunity. On the one hand, in 2014 Forbes magazine put London at number one spot on its list of the world’s most influential business cities. On the other, the city is overflowing with creativity. If you’re looking to break into the arts your chances of succeeding here are far higher than anywhere else in the UK.
  • It’s one of the most diverse cities on the planet – Did you know that over 300 languages are spoken in London and that over 37% of the population were born outside of the UK? The result of this is a vibrant multi-cultural melting pot that celebrates difference but still pulls together as a community. Not to mention you are usually only minutes away from some form of delicious international cuisine.
  • High quality free entertainment – London is an expensive place to live, there’s no getting around it. However, it is also highly likely that your salary is higher than someone in an equivalent position based outside the city. Not only this, but there is a plethora of free entertainment close at hand. London is one of the few cities around the globe that offers free entry to National Museums and Galleries. In addition to this there are also regularly free music events, shows and festivals across the city. Timeout London is a unique and helpful resource detailing all free events going on across London on any given week.
  • You’re never far from open space – Speaking of free things to do in London, the city’s expansive parkland has to rank pretty highly on this list. In fact, London has more green space than just about any city on the planet. Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and Richmond Park to name just a few, and each providing a unique experience in its own right. Not to mention my personal favourite Hampstead Heath, an easy bus or train journey (or a half hour walk) from Springboard West Hampstead, and perfect for a seasonal winter stroll, or a quick swim in the lido come the summer.
  • A key player in defining history – London was founded in 43AD and suffice to say that quite a lot has happened in the 2000 years that followed! Roman, Tudor, Victorian and Stuart architecture still exists around the city, as do numerous monuments, statues and landmarks telling the story of London’s colourful past, including UNESCO world-heritage sites: Cutty Sark, Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the Royal Observatory, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich Park, the House of Parliament and the National Maritime Museum.
  • World-class educational opportunities – Described by some as the educational capital of the world, London has a higher concentration of top class universities than any other city, and this is not only something of importance to full-time students. Educational opportunities exist at all levels. With Birkbeck, London’s only specialist provider of evening university study, organisations such as City Lit London providing a wide range of short courses, and language schools located across the city, you can always find a time and a place to study.
  •  That film-set moment – A feeling well-known to Londoners.  You’re walking down the street, and suddenly you get a feeling of deja-vu. Maybe you have been here before, but perhaps, more likely, with hundreds of films set in London each year, you’ve simply seen it on the big screen.  With every genre represented from rom-com to horror, a casual stroll can unexpectedly morph in to a walk through the set of your favourite film. Not that I’m really complaining, of course.
  •  You need never be bored – It was Samual Johnson that said “if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life,” and he does have a point. A London resident has the luxury of waking up on a Saturday morning and being able to do exactly what they feel like doing. Go ice-skating, shopping, bowling, visit a gallery, head out of brunch, explore a new part of town, take a trip on the London eye, play tennis, head to an arcade, go paintballing. Visit a cafe where you are surrounded by cats! (as previously mentioned) Anything and everything is possible. And if you’re struggling for inspiration, may I recommend this guide.
  • There are lots of new people to meet – And with over 8.5 million people living in the City I really do mean a lot! Londoners are a diverse bunch and you’ll meet people with a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. London and is a petty sociable city and as long as you make some effort, perhaps by joining a sports team, taking a language class, or joining  a book club, it’s not difficult to make friends. At Springboard, you will live alongside like-minded young professionals in a friendly and sociable environment making meeting people in a new city even easier.
  • It’s easy to escape – Now don’t get me wrong, London is amazing, but every now and then we all need a change of scene. London is something of a transportation hub, with connections not only to the rest of the UK, but to the rest of the world. London houses 5 (or 6 if you’re going to argue that Southend is in London) ((Southend is not in London)) (((It really really isn’t))) airports and the Eurostar which makes a jaunt abroad a breeze.


And of course, when I said 10 reasons to move to London today! I really meant 10 reasons to move to Springboard today! where in addition to the above fabulous perks of London life, tenants will also benefit from all-inclusive accommodation, in safe, centrally located and well connected parts of the city, with an on-site (or close at hand) dedicated property manager, whilst living alongside other young people with a similar mindset and at a similar stage in their lives, forming a welcoming and vibrant community. So what are you waiting for? Click here to arrange your Springboard viewing today.

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