Here are some comments from our past and prospective Springboard Urban tenants:


When I moved to London it was important for me to live in a friendly and sociable house. Thank goodness I found Springboard! All the other rooms around London I looked at within my budget weren’t even a patch on what Springboard offered. I’ve now lived in the Thornfield house for 3 years, and it’s been brilliant. I now call it home and have made friends for life. In addition, having all bills included and a cleaner 3 times a week is a magic formula for minimising any ‘disagreements’ within the house environment. Not to mention the location is ideal as we’re walking distance from 3 tube lines, numerous bus stops AND we have Westfield on our doorstep. All in all, I’m very happy here. Thanks Springboard for making the scary move to London very easy and providing the ideal environment to flourish!

Hannah Chandler February 2021 – Thornfield Road

We moved to London from pretty far away but Springboard made the process very easy. Staying here allowed us to make friends quickly, despite us not knowing anyone before we arrived. The room was spacious and the building in a great location. Even with Covid-19, any maintenance required was done promptly and in good cooperation with us. The management was friendly and always listened to any wishes we might have.

A tenant at Thornfield Road April 2021

“Probably the best thing about Springboard is having all the bills included in the rent with cleaning multiple times in the week. Just makes things that much easier! Also it’s the perfect place if you’re social as you meet so many like minded people!”

Ata Dirilgen April 2021 – Thornfield Road

Great place, perfect location! 
I’ve met really good friends here 🙂

Maria, 2020

Would highly recommend living here if you’re moving to London! Central enough and you’ll meet lots of people in a similar situation.

Ollie, 2020

A great way to meet people and get a start in London life. I’ll miss my time here and highly recommend it!

Alice (Barons Court – July 2019)

Living in Barons Court is what made my year in London one of the best in my life, I made so many friends there 🙂 + the house is comfortable and the neighbourhood is so nice !


It has been a wonderful year and a half at Springboard Barons Court with many great memories and lasting friendships – thank you for all the work you do in making it a perfect place for me and I’m sure many others to start their time in London!

Sam, 2020

Springboard was excellent! Moving back home for a couple of months. Certainly hope to be back!

Katie, 2019 

Great way to meet people. I loved my room. I’m now moving in with people I met at Springboard Barons Court

Natalia, 2019

The people are fantastic and it is a really easy way to meet people (almost too many!). I’ve made some excellent friends

Dan, 2018

A great way to meet people and get a start in London life. I’ll miss my time here and highly recommend it!

Alice, 2018

I loved it straight away. It’s particularly perfect for these uncertain times when a friendly community at home and big common areas are invaluable. It made lockdown so much easier.

Tom, 2019

It was so helpful to have Springboard while settling into working life.

Alex (Barons Court – December 2018)

The large number of people meant if was easy to socialise when you wanted, but you were also free to have a quiet night in when needed, without anyone disturbing you or trying to lure you to be pub. Regular cleaners were great. The proximity to the tube was also a major bonus.

Oliver (Barons Court – November 2017)

Rob has always been great!

Jack, KPMG (West Hampstead – August 2016)

Great for socialising, clean, good location, good shared areas.

Jordan, AvePoint (Fulham – August 2016)

Springboard was an excellent first step in moving m London. I have lived with many great housemates, had a lot of fun, and had a good base for work and exploring the rest of the city. It’s a really easy format with a single monthly payment and has made the whole process stress free. The house has always been in good condition and well looked after. Thanks Rob!

Matthew,  Web Developer (Thornfield Road- August 2016)

A fab set up – once the rent had been paid, I didn’t have to worry about any other bills, along with fab facilities and Rob is a great manager, for example when I have locked myself out of my room on a Sunday, he was more than happy to give me his keys etc.

Becky, Civil Service (West Hampstead – August 2016)

Great way to meet people. Rob was friendly and helpful.

Abi, MOD (Fulham – August 2016)

Staying here has been so hassle free!! Rob has been so accommodating.

Katie, UCL (West Hampstead – August 2016)

Springboard was excellent! Best things were the easiness of the rent-and-everything-else-payments, Amy’s help and approachability on many things – particularly organizing the room from Australia and issues with rent when I was sick earlier in the year, the size of the rooms (really great and reasonable compared to the size you’d get in a comparably priced share-house), excellent company and amazing location. Central and always felt safe. Moving back home for a couple of months. Certainly hope to be back!

Katie (Barons Court – August 2016)

The social side was fantastic, the garden was terrific, the kitchen is very good.  The cleaners and staff were very good and responsive.

Giles, KPMG (Fulham – August 2016)

-really loving, friendly warm environment.
-problems/issues were sorted very quickly
-Rob was approachable

Kinnery, EY (West Hampstead – July 2016)

Overall really good- a social house and a nice mix of people from different backgrounds/professions.

Barnaby, Berwick Partners (Fulham – July 2016)

Very convenient, sociable and great service.

Manny, Deloitte (West Hampstead – July 2016)

Really good year – thanks very much.

Nick, Fitch Ratings (West Hampstead – July 2016)

Very much enjoyed my stay, ideal balance of ease, nice accommodation and great people. Will consider coming back at some point in the future.

Tommy, Bank of England (Bamborough Gardens – June 2016)

Filled all my needs, good atmosphere, everything provided, clean and very simple. No complaints.

George (Barons Court – June 2016)

The housemates were amazing and the service of cleaner, handyman, gardener were all done quickly and well. The speedy and helpful responses of Rob was also good.

Lydia, L’Oreal Paris (Thornfield Road – June 2016)

Perfect for someone who works anti-social hours. Not too noisy at all. Good social opportunities though eg flat crawl.

Emily (West Hampstead – June 2016)

The location is fantastic, perhaps one of the best in London. My room was nicely done with lots of storage and a sink, handy hanging hooks too. Nice big windows and mirrors make the room feel bigger than it is. Was great to initially come into a friendly social environment when it could have been very lonley and scary moving from a tiny village to the big city on my own.

Helen (Barons Court – May 2016)

When problems did occur they where sorted out very quickly by Rob and the handy man.

The building was maintained to a good standard. Cleaners where also very good and reliable.

Luke, Propel London (West Hampstead – May 2016)

Really good atmosphere – fun, lively and social.

George, Seven Hills (Fulham – April 2016)

Amy is an excellent property manager. i loved the social aspects and parties, great way to meet to people, i loved my room. I’m now moving in with people i met in Springboard Barons Court and other friends.

Natalia, Chef (Barons Court – April 2016)

Rob promptly sorts out any issue and follows up swiftly. Having a cleaner for common areas really helps. Springboard does what it says in the name; its a great place to start when moving to London for work. Being able to sort out accommodation remotely when moving to the UK from overseas made my relocation much easier.

Everyone I met was pleasant and welcoming, utilities worked consistently, and there were no hidden costs. The location really is hard to beat.

Colin, Marks & Spencer(Fulham – April 2016)

I absolutely loved living here for the past 3.5 years. Its the most hassle free and friendly accommodation I can imagine. Very sorry to leave.

Alexandra (West Hampstead – April 2016)

A friendly atmosphere meeting like minded people. I moved to London not knowing anyone and have met some great people. Rob is good at getting back to you and the standard of work by maintenance is usually high. It is also easy as all bills included. As a whole I have been extremely impressed with Springboard and Rob, and would recommend it to anyone looking to move to London.

Ben, Wandsworth Council Planning (Fulham – April 2016)

Rob has been fantastic in welcoming me to SpringBoard, and making sure my stay was enjoyable as possible. He is an asset to SpringBoard.

Gozde, The BMJ (West Hampstead – April 2016)

1) Simplicity of paying just one bill. This was a huge benefit that saved me a lot of time (especially given the long hours I work)
2)The fast responses to any queries I had, whether they be about maintenance/cleaning or other topics entirely. On this topic, all maintenance issues I raised were fixed in a timely manner.
3) Location. The proximity to the tube station and easy access to central London was a huge plus.

Lauren, Goldman Sachs (Barons Court – April 2016)

Great location, Rob was always easy to get hold of and helpful.Very welcoming and friendly. Rob has always been great!

Alex, KPMG (West Hampstead – April 2016)

For the location and the inclusions, the price was actually quite reasonable. It was a great way to meet people when arriving in London for the first time. Maintenance issues were fixed fairly promptly, and household improvements were carried out regularly.

Becky, KUONI (Thornfield Road – April 2016)

My experience at Springboard was great. I moved from another country to the UK to live in London and I am really thankful of how easy the renting process and my life here were. The rent inclusive of bills removes all the hassle related to renting a typical property. Further to this, any issue is sorted out efficiently and quickly by Rob. I’d recommend Springboard to any friend – it makes life easier!

Lorena, Scottish Power (West Hampstead – April 2016)

Rob has been very responsive and everything is in good state.

Simon, GA Associates London (Fulham – April 2016)

Amy always got back to me really quickly and sorted things out when required – brilliant service. It was easy to stay at Springboard paying just one monthly payment and having nothing to worry about. Also really nice to meet people, there are people who have left that I still keep in touch with. Barons Court is a brilliant location and so great being so close to the tube and not having to walk far.

Amy (Barons Court – March 2016)

The building itself is lovely and the rooms are a good size. Nice windows etc. Would have loved to stay if I wasn’t being seconded abroad for work. I would love to come back upon my return. Nice people living at Springboard and Amy was always very helpful.

Tabitha, Clifford Chance (Barons Court – March 2016)

Lovely people and live in landlord which was very prompt to fix issues such as when my bathroom tap was leaking and when bookshelves were broken. Cleaners also very friendly and approachable.Great thanks for all your help the past 6 months too, springboard definitely made the move to London super easy and stress-free!

Becky, Deloitte (West Hampstead – March 2016)

Everything was perfect. Ideal place to move into when first arriving in London.

Emilie, UK Parliment (West Hampstead – March 2016)

Very friendly and sociable house. The people at springboard is certainly its best quality. It’s a perfect house for moving into London as it is very hassle free and is in a great location. Issues I had with the room during my stay were quickly fixed.

Andrew, National Audit Office (Fulham – February 2016)

Just wanted to say thank you, it’s been really great to live at Springboard, I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has changed my life in a very positive way.

Sarah, Bloomberg (West Hampstead – February 2016)

Moving in was very simple and no hassle at all, which is exactly what I wanted a few days before I started my first graduate job. Not having to worry about sorting bills, purchasing kitchen equipment or giving the house a good clean made my move to London and my time here stress-free.

Hannah, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Fulham – February 2016)

I have really enjoyed the social spaces, its great for when you have friends to stay and it has been really good having the option of two lounges, so we have a comfy room and a party room! When I moved in I was very shy and Amy made a real effort to make sure that I made friends and fit in. The springboard parties have been allot of fun, particularly the one at Elk. Its good having dishwashers and washing machines that are included in the price. I really like the location of Barons Court, its a great distance to London and the local area is lovely. Its nice living with so many like minded young people, we had great fun watching the Football/rugby world cup together. Springboard nights can vary from a quiet night watching a film, playing games with my housemates, pool, to exploring all parts of London.

Jenny, Coca Cola (Barons Court – February 2016)

The facilities are fairly good. Washing machine, dryers, kitchen, lounge etc. Rob is always quick to respond to messages and is easy to have ‘difficult conversations’ with.

Paul, ELEXON (Fulham – February 2016)

Simple, easy, clean and warm accommodation. Rob is really friendly and helpful with problems. Great location, close to tubes and shops/bars etc.

Alice, Designer (West Hampstead – January 2016)

Creating a great community! I have made friends and it was just what I was looking for when moving to a new city at the time.

Haleh, Bloomberg (West Hampstead – January 2016)

Friendly atmosphere and tenants high standard of cleanliness and responsive building manager. Springboard is design to be a launchpad for people moving to London and it does exactly that.

Tom (Barons Court – January 2016)

Good socially – good cleaner – all round good service.

Ben, Network Rail (Fulham – January 2016)

It was really easy to live there not worrying about bills.

Jonathan, Baker Tilly (Fulham – January 2016)

Amy does a good job in managing the property and respond to requests and questions. Cleaning service is very good. Social activities were organised and were very nice. Thanks!

Susie (Barons Court – January 2016)

The property was always clean, problems were dealt with quickly. Awesome people to live with.

Josh, Royal Marsden Hospital (Fulham – January 2016)

Amy T was awesome, always ready to help out with stuff. Met some good friends and there was always someone about to do something with.

Jake, Network Rail (Barons Court – January 2016)

Great service from Rob- always helpful and prompt with any requests. Nice location. Well maintained.

Amol, Santander (West Hampstead – December 2015)

Meeting new people, having an on site manager who deals with any issues, and the fact that Barons Court tube station is a minute walk away were definitely my highlights.

Ben, BDO (Barons Court – December 2015)

The building was clean and had good facilities. Cinema room and Gym were particularly useful.

Will, Third Millennium Publishing (West Hampstead – December 2015)

Everything was perfect.

Sophie (West Hampstead – December 2015)

A great way to meet new people in London. Fantastic location. Amy Tayler (Property Manager) was incredibly friendly and reassuring about the whole process.

Rachel (Barons Court – November 2015)

Very easy and well looked after.

Marinus, CBI (Bamborough Gardens- November 2015)

Fantastic location, super close to both the central line and the hammersmith and city lines. So close to zone one it took me 30 minutes to get to work. The house is really big and spacious, with a great common living area and kitchen. Enough bathrooms so you never have to wait to shower and the room is nice and bright. Spacious and really comfortable! A great place to live!

Barbara, Skills Alliance (Bamborough Gardens- November 2015)

Very convenient and no hassle. Plenty of notice, when things needed to be done to rooms or the wider flat. The facilities in general are good, the kitchen and cleaning generally very good.

Niklas, Chef (West Hampstead – October 2015)

Met great people and serves its purpose. Allows you to feel comfortable when moving to London for first time.

Craig, Wealth Management Association (West Hampstead – October 2015)

I can only say good things about Springboard Accommodation. It has always been clean, which is important to me.

Alexander (Barons Court – September 2015)

I loved every part of living at Springboard, convenient location, great flatmates, gym plus great cinema room and great management!

Abror, ITE London (West Hampstead – September 2015)

Great place – thanks Springboard – truly been a pleasure! Feel free to include my testimonial on your website!

Amna, DLA Piper (West Hampstead – September 2015)

Springboard made the transition to London living very easy. The rooms are to a high standard and are designed in such a way as to maximise storage.

Sam, Trainee Barrister (Fulham – September 2015)

Very easy, good facilities, nice people. Rob was great.

Stephen, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (West Hampstead – September 2015)

1. Maintenance effectiveness: Whenever a tenant reports an issue in relation to the maintenance (i.e appliance default, problem with electricity etc…) it is dealt with swiftly and effectively. I believe this is one of the best strength of Springboard. We (busy young professionals) do not need an extra layer of stress. I believe the big electricity issue SB had few months back was handled well. The constant updates you provided throughout the event were very good.

2. Social: There seems to be a very good social life and vibe in springboard. I really enjoyed the flatcrawl, very good way to break the ice between tenants.

3. Cleaners: They do a great job in maintaining the common areas clean, particularly taking the bins out etc…which if passed to tenants would cause unnecessary conflicts.

4. Safety: I believe the building is made safe for the tenants, CCTV in sensitive points, reactive lights at the entry and so forth… in addition to the big fence at the back protecting the back rooms.

Mehdi, Goldman Sachs (West Hampstead – September 2015)

My time at Springboard Barons Court was one of the most enjoyable and memorable times of my life.Immediately after moving in I had a supportive and diverse friendship group. From all parts of the UK and the world. The rooms are nice, and the building well maintained. The inclusion of all bills makes the payment process incredibly simple and stress-free. Not to mention the fantastic links to public transport. Amy Tayler makes the Springboard experience superb. She is professional, caring, and friendly. No request is too challenging for Amy; she is a true asset.

Curtis, Product Manager (Barons Court – August 2015)

Great place to live when you first move to london, not just because it’s an easy place to live as the bills are included, but it also gives you a chance to meet new people and expand your social calendar.

Simon, Egress (West Hampstead – August 2015)

Springboard is a great place to move and in such a fantastic location. Really enjoyed meeting new people and experiencing the London life style.

Demi (Barons Court – August 2015)

Very easy, good facilities, nice people. Rob was great.

Stephen, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (West Hampstead – August 2015)

The downstairs area, i.e. the cinema room, kitchen and gym. The gym is always quiet as is the cinema room and its a great place to take guests. Also, many a time when my parents visited they were able to park their car on the drive (only after asking Rob, of course!) with no issues and if there were the facebook group soon got word around!

Emily, Metropolitan Police (West Hampstead – August 2015)

Good management
Easy way of life

Jonathan, Navigator Gas Tankers (Fulham – August 2015)

Very quick response to any issues.
Common areas are kept clean.

Maria, King & Wood Mallesons LLP(West Hampstead – August 2015)

Everything has been brilliant. Rob has always been very efficient and helpful in solving any problems that arose. I would recommend living in Springboard to anyone!

Sophie, Celsius Recruitment(Fulham – August 2015)

Social aspect
Hassle free
Convenient location

Lawrence, Man Group(Fulham – August 2015)

– Good mix of people
– Great room
– Excellent cleaner
– Unbeatable location
– Extremely helpful landlord

Elliot (Fulham – July 2015)

Emergency jobs were handled quickly. Staying with likeminded people who are at a similar career point to me was good, having just moved to London.

Ruth, Trainee Solicitor (Bamborough Gardens- June 2015)

– It lives up to the ‘hassle free’ brand – the only ‘adminstration’ I’ve had to do was when I moved in and when I requested a light bulb to be changed and furniture to be removed (both of which were done within day).
– The communal spaces are very good: the gym has everything that I needed, and the conservatory is very pleasant.

Adam, Solicitor (West Hampstead – June 2015)

Enjoyed the social aspect of that house. There’s nothing better than moving in with 28 ready made friends when moving to London.

Dominic, Recruiter (Fulham – June 2015)

Rooms were of good size and hot water always running.

Bhanu, Consultant, PWC,(West Hampstead – June 2015)

Springboard is fantastic for meeting like-minded people when you first move to London. I’m so glad I found it. There’s always someone around the house and there’s lots going on, especially on the weekends. Finally, Rob is really helpful when any issues arise – things are dealt with and fixed/replaced promptly with minimal hassle.

Cathal, Atrium Underwriters (Fulham – June 2015)

The moving in process was so easy. Communication by Rob was fantastic and was so effortless on my part (particularly compared to the agent involved in my last move out). Rob is always happy to help and has done a very good job of managing the house. The house is very up to date and modern, with anything that is broken being replaced immediately. The TV. Alan the handyman does a really good job

Matthew, Hardy Underwriting (Thornfield Road- June 2015)

Ease of all bills included, cleaning service is excellant

Catherine, Accentuee (West Hampstead – June 2015)

I think the whole concept of Springboard is a really good idea. Made moving to London a lot easier than it might possibly have been.

Rob (Bamborough Gardens- May 2015)

The location is excellent, easy transport links and close to shops/gyms etc. The room has been comfortable – everything that I have needed really. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet other people in the house.

William (Barons Court – May 2015)

Ease, value and location. Simplicity of paying rent and having everything included. Rob is excellent at responding to queries and issues and has helped me out particularly with move from WH to Fulham. Nana – cleaner in Fulham, does a fantastic job, above and beyond what he should be doing.

Georgina, Lloyds Banking Group (Fulham – May 2015 (& West Hampstead previously))

Location and area-easily accessible by the tube and buses, lots of shops around and a big bonus is Waitrose nearby. In terms of rooms- very warm and showers are qood. Rob is very nice and helpful.

Sandara, BDO (West Hampstead – May 2015)

Springboard is a safe and clean environment to live in and I have thoroughly enjoy my stay. Amy has been fantastic as a landlord and is always very quick to help.

Hannah, L’Oreal (Barons Court – May 2015)

I’m very happy with the lot.

Mike – stayed with us twice. (Thornfield Road – May 2015)

It is very convenient to pay a one off fee for all rent and bills.

Tom (West Hampstead – May 2015)

Great social experience, especially when I first moved in. Lovely area! Really appreciated the care taken when I moved in i.e. the move in parties, coffee etc in kitchens

Toni (Barons Court – April 2015)

Good mix of people, clean common areas, great location.

Duncan, Kerogen Capital (Fulham – April 2015)

Building, rooms, kitchen all in good condition. Friendly staff, always willing to help, fast service regarding any problems occurred.

Angelos, Capgemini (West Hampstead – April 2015)

Easy to use service which sited my need for accommodation in London when I wasn’t able to visit. Amy’s always been timely in getting back to me. The room itself was fine, good size, good location etc.

Anna (Barons Court – April 2015)

Very convenient, good location, Rob is great (very accommodating, likable and easy to deal with). I really don’t think there’s anything to improve on – I had a really good experience.

David, Fidelity (West Hampstead – April 2015)

Whether going out or playing football, there are always plans if you want to join, good cleaning service, FANTASTIC location

Rodolfo (Barons Court – March 2015)

Living in Springboard has certainly made my first 6 months of living and working in London a great experience. I believe this is to do with the group of people currently living in Fulham, although the convenience of paying a single amount without the worry of sorting bills etc and a regular cleaner has been good.

Alastair, PHD – UCL (Fulham – March 2015)

Very spacious room for many options (a ledge for TV stand, etc), decent storage space. -Fast feedback from Rob to sort out any issues on the property. Cleaners every other day (such an important thing given the size of the house)

Harry, Santander (Thornfield Road – March 2015 (previously a West Hampstead tenant as well))

Overall, a fab room! I really enjoy the atmosphere in the building, I always felt safe and at home here. The standard of the cleaning is great and my flatmates were also lovely people to live with, considerate and also great fun! Problems/ issues were always dealt with swiftly

Felicity ,(West Hampstead – March 2015)

Simply super! I am sad to leave. Great communal atmosphere and our cleaner is so dedicated and thorough. Rob ALWAYS attended to requests swiftly and maintenance issues were always attended to like yesterday ;-). Polite communication and heads-up too when access to room was required

Barbara (Fulham – March 2015)

Great place to live with nice housemates. Very good facilities in the house. Good cleaning and handiwork when things go wrong.
Overall extremely happy with my time in Bamborough gardens.

Jack, Junior Doctor (Bamborough Gardens – March 2015)

I like the freedom and flexibility to either get involved in the social aspect, or escape to your room, which has been helpful during exams. Having cleaners for communal areas is also very convenient. Amy has been great with getting things fixed whenever anything has gone wrong.

Talisa, Deloitte (Barons Court – February 2015)

Cleaners were good. Really enjoyed the socials and Amy was always helpful.

James (Barons Court – January 2015)

It’s been a fantastic starting point moving down to London at a different time from any of my friends. Everyone is really friendly, and it’s a hassle free way of living. It was exactly what I was looking for when I moved down to my grad scheme in London.

Jonty (Barons Court – September 2014)

The location of the property was really good. Regular cleaning of communal areas including the kitchen was also definitely welcome. Amy has been really good at sorting out any issues.

David (Barons Court – August 2014)

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Barons Court I am only moving out as my sister has now got a job in London and we are going to share a flat between us.

Amelia, Deloitte (Barons Court – August 2014)

I loved almost everything about my time at Springboard. It was a great way to meet people after moving back to London and it was a very sociable house. I had a great time living here. The facilities were good and everything was maintained to a very high standard. Nothing was too much work for Amy and emails/problems were responded to very quickly. Thank you!

Eloise (Barons Court – June 2014)

The best thing about staying in Fulham were the lovely, friendly people who make it a home! The efficiency to which things were repaired and dealt with by the landlord and I thought my room was great-it’s a really good use of space and it’s cosy and comfortable.

Saira, NHS (Fulham – May 2014)

Good and friendly flatmates. Brilliant social activities

Martyn (West Hampstead – May 2014)

– Ease of payment for rent and bills.
– Meeting new people and the social side
– The communal areas with pool table and ping pong table!
– Very clean
No bad comments at all.

Sumeeta, Deloitte (West Hampstead – May 2014)

Rob was very helpful and friendly.

Markus, City Financial (West Hampstead – May 2014)

Rob takes care of any issues quickly, one bill makes admin much easier.

Jarrad, Network Rail (Thornfield Road – May 2014)

Facilities were good and the people were friendly.

David (Barons Court – May 2014)

I have lived in springboard fulham for around 5 years now and it has been a great place to live – the people are nice, the communal area’s create great opportunity to meet new people and you can still have quiet time in your bedroom when you like. All the tv’s have sky which is great too!

Richard, Vinci Construction (Fulham – May 2014)

Good sociable atmosphere, very good for me as i just moved down and didn’t know any one, like the FB group and drinks, good way to get to know people.

Raj, Arrowgrass (West Hampstead – May 2014)

Nice rooms. Good opportunity for people to make new friends if they’re new to London. Majority of problems get sorted easily. Hassle free accommodation in a great location. Good cleaning service.

Jonathan, North Highland Consulting (West Hampstead – April 2014)

Good level of support to fix issues. Great location. Well kept shared areas.

Roberto, Mezzo (Thornfield Road – April 2014)

Rob was always there to answer any of my queries (and there were many!). I would like to thank him the most for always being a great diplomat between tenants and owners and answering our fire alarm calls at 2 am in the morning. Without him it would never work so well! I just moved into London and I was feeling rather lonely, Springboard was an amazing place to start out being surrounded with like minded people. I wish i could stay longer.

Karolina, Decision Resources (Fulham – April 2014)

Response to issues was always timely. Good social aspect.

Jas, Goldman Sachs(West Hampstead – April 2014)

The flat was really clean and facilities were great! Very professional and problems were resolved quickly. The location is also great – close to shops, easy to go into central London and safe area.

Zoe, Accenture (West Hampstead – April 2014)

Really easy to get a room. Having all bills included is very practical. Great location. Lots of opportunities to socialize and meet new people.

Rhiannon, Amazon (Barons Court – March 2014)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the address and made some great friends here within a short space of time. SpringboardUrban is a great concept within the residential rental market for young professionals and I wish you all the success in the future.

Peter, EC Harris (Thornfield Road – March 2014)

-Great courteous people one the whole.
-Good location next to Barons Court tube station. Plenty of facilities that you would not get at this price point in this part of London.
-Good at getting things fixed in a timely manner.
-Overall it is a good stepping stone for moving into London

James (Barons Court – March 2014)

It was really easy to move in. Before moving to the UK I had some things needing shippment and Rob was very nice to accept them in my place and put them in my room. He made moving to London very easy. Moreover, whenever they were problems (toilet blockage or faulty machines in the kitchen) they were resolved very fast.

Christina, ESCP (West Hampstead – March 2014)

Good sense of community, great having communal areas and how bills were included in rent so didn’t have an extra worry. Thank you.

Lotty (Barons Court – March 2014)

Springboard urban has been an extremely enjoyable and comfortable ‘home away from home’ for the past 14 months. Friendly, social and located in a very convenient area of London, it is the perfect place for any young professional who is looking to start their career in London. Rob was great at responding to any issues concerning the flat, and these were rectified promptly and effectively.

Irfan, PWC (West Hampstead – March 2014)

-friendly, responsive staff
-great location
-having full laundry is wonderful
-nice events

Kelly (Barons Court – February 2014)

The people were lovely and the building was great. In particular Rob was fantastic whenever I needed help with anything. I loved the social aspects and how anyone was willing to help if there were any questions. I wouldn’t have changed anything about my stay.

Blair, MusicQubed (West Hampstead – February 2014)

I enjoyed the social aspect of the house, and the cleanliness and the way that any problems were sorted very quickly.

Laura, Civil Service Fast Stream (Fulham – February 2014)

Springboard was fantastic and very secure place to live. Fantastic facilities (gym, cinema room). Very quick to respond to concerns (lost keys, plumbing issues etc.)

James, Aberdeen Asset Management (West Hampstead – February 2014)

Everybody at Springboard is so lovely, I’ve made lots of great friends who I will be living with in future. It’s such a nice atmosphere and great to always have people around. Rob is so good at fixing things quickly, living here is so easy!

Kerry, Civil Service Fast Stream (Fulham – February 2014)

It has been an absolutely incredible experience staying at Springboard. Would gladly recommend it to anyone(new to London or not!), totally convenient and Rob is fantastic! Only leaving due to travel commitments.Will come back if I am based out of London again! Its been fantastic!!Cannot think of anything bad!

Lavanya, Ernst & Young (West Hampstead – February 2014)

Really loved staying here, will be sad to leave but cost-wise it wouldn’t be sustainable for me any longer with student loan etc. Building has been kept clean, well maintained (fresh paint) and the communal areas and gym are handy and also really well maintained, Thanks for everything!

Sarah, PWC (West Hampstead – January 2014)

Great price and the people I share my room with are extremely nice and considerate which has made my time here enjoyable.

Victoria, Amazon (Barons Court – January 2014)

Overall my experience was very pleasant. I found the building a great introduction to London life and would thoroughly recommend it to others. I enjoyed the ease of living in Springboard that enabled me to make the most of London life.

Nick, National Insurance Group (West Hampstead – January 2014)

Springboard made moving into London very easy, its a great stepping stone for those who are moving into the city.

James, Linley (Fulham – February 2014)

The place is perfect for people like myself who have just moved to London. Good location and any problems were quickly sorted. Thanks!

Adam, Queen Mary’s University (Fulham – January 2014)

Modern and comfortable home to live in. Rooms are big and there is plenty of room for storage etc.

Alex, McNicholas Construction (Thornfield Road – December 2013)

Very good location, quiet room, good internet connection, the kitchen has all what I need… nice room!

Denis (West Hampstead – December 2013)


All good from my point of view, nice and easy. nice house mates and good facilities

Alex, Linley (Bamborough Gardens – December 2013)

Rob is a great person, really responsive and professional.

Laura, General Electric (West Hampstead – November 2013)

Springboard is a fantastic choice, particularly for someone moving to London for the first time. Social events, the communal areas and the layout of the building has allowed me to make a number of great friends and get involved in as many social events (planned or otherwise) as I want.

Graeme, Birkbeck College (West Hampstead – November 2013)

Ease of living and responsiveness to problems which arose with the flat were a real plus.

James, Norton Rose (West Hampstead – November 2013)

A great stay, thanks so much for all your help Rob!

Marie (West Hampstead – November 2013)

Springboard was the perfect place for me to move into having come all the way down from Scotland and not really knowing anyone in London. It was extremely easy to meet new people and get involved in activities within and out with the building.

Scott, Elipse Insurance (West Hampstead – November 2013)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Springboard Urban West Hampstead. As a newcomer to London, it provided me with a safe and friendly home in a fantastic location. Particular thanks go to Rob because he has always been so helpful with any issues I faced during my year here. He is an incredibly valuable asset to the building. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Springboard Urban to colleagues and friends in the future.

Kathleen, Deloitte (West Hampstead – October 2013)

Location. Really close to useful amenities and transport facilities. Safe and secure. Because it is on a busy main road it is safe coming home late at night. Good sound insulation in relation to other tenants. Rob was easy to contact and was quick to respond to things and was on top of everything. I would definitely recommend Springboard to a young person moving to London for the first time.

Rachel (Fulham – October 2013)

I had a great time. Perfect place to move in when moving to London. Would have stayed longer if I didn’t have to move back to The Netherlands.

Marcia, Deloitte (West Hampstead – October 2013)

Overall, I had a great stay at Springboard. I just loved the overall convenience of not having to deal with different types of bills and maintenance issues. The location was very well connected to my office, so it was just a 25 mins door to door commute. Last but not the least, Rob is a superb individual. He was really responsive, and helpful all the way though.

Manish, LBS (West Hampstead – October 2013)

– Fantastic rooms and facilities
– Great sense of community
– A good social calendar – important when you’re new to the city!
– Excellent location – safe and well connected

Becky, Qedis (West Hampstead – October 2013)

I have enjoyed my time at Springboard Fulham. The house is in a great location for transport links and into central London. I have made many friends during my time here – the social aspect of Springboard has been great.

James, KPMG (Fulham – September 2013)

I have thoroughly enjoyed my three and a half year stay at Springboard Fulham. Moving and setting up life in a new country can be difficult, and Springboard made it easier for me to do. I don’t think that I would have lasted as long as I have in London, if it hadn’t had been to Springboard! Being able to move straight into a flat, with bills included, in a great location, has been great and stress-free – not to mention the benefit of making lots of long-life friends! I will always have fond memories of my time at Springboard, from the summertime BBQs in the garden, the awesome nights out with 28 housemates, and themed parties. Rob has been a great landlord, always quick and responsive to my queries

Amanda, IPSOS (Fulham – September 2013)


Great house and great location.

Ravi (Bamborough Gardens – September 2013)

I couldn’t imagine moving to London on my own without staying at Springboard. It has been brilliant for making friends and not needing to worry about cleaning or bills.

Sarah, Deloitte (Fulham – September 2013)

I moved to springboard as a new graduate. It was a perfect social set up to start my new life in London. The location of the house is great, close to lots of bars and shops.

Lesley (Fulham – September 2013)

I enjoyed knowing that I only needed to worry about having to make one payment per month, and didn’t have to setup bills etc. The number of facilities such as the gym, table tennis table and cinema room were also a benefit.

Andrew, Department for Transport (West Hampstead – September 2013)

Moving to London on your own can be a bit daunting, yet springboard allowed me to have a ready made network of friends and always a friendly person to talk to. Springboard is great because you can choose for alone time In your room or go downstairs where there is always film on in the lounge or people to chat to in the kitchen. Most people are very like minded and sociable and there are always activities planned. I love the cleaner coming every day. It means no arguments over washing up!

Charlotte, Foxtons (Fulham – September 2013)

Springboard was a brilliant place to start life in London. The ease of securing the room and not having to worry about working out bills, cleaning etc. was exactly what I needed. However it is the social side that really makes Springboard what it is, I’ve had some fantastic times here and made great friends, 3 of which I am now moving out with to start phase 2 of life in London.

Rachel, Johnson Contols (Fulham – September 2013)

Very friendly staff and a great living environment!

Emma, Deloitte (West Hampstead – August 2013)

The cleaning service is very good. I felt very safe in the building. All house mates lovely.

Maddison (Fulham – August 2013)

The convenience was the best thing; if anything went wrong or maintenance needed to be done, it was very easy to get it sorted out.

Joy, Apple (West Hampstead – August 2013)

Great place to meet new people – this was most of the reason for me moving in and the communal areas are a really great place to socialise and meet others. Very convenient – one bill, en-suite, decent kitchen, gym in the building and a great transport location.

Adam, TNS Market Research (West Hampstead – August 2013)


Springboard made it very easy to move to London for the first time – lovely room, bills included and a cleaner as a bonus!

Laura, LPC (Thornfield Road – August 2013)

– Bills all included makes life easier
– Cleaner makes life easier
– Safe and secure building
– Met some good people
– Super responsive on issues (leaks, lost keys etc)
– OVERALL – Really good experience, makes life very simple. I just want to say a big thanks for making my time at Springboard very smooth and enjoyable. It’s been a top place to live for the last 2 years.

Will, Adobe (West Hampstead – August 2013)

Springboard was the perfect set-up for me when I moved to London, as I had to find somewhere to live quickly. Everyone was extremely welcoming, there’s always someone to talk to in the kitchen or the living room, but its easy to have space in your rooms if necessary. Having a cleaner relieved a lot of the pressure to clean after a long day at work.

Sian, Immediate Media (Fulham – August 2013)

I think Springboard is just a great idea and a great proposition to young professionals. Two thumbs up!

Guido, Oxera (Bamborough Gardens – July 2013)

Springboard is such a great place to live, that even after moving on to a new place, I moved back in after a while! With one payment a month covering all bills, and a ready made social life, you can’t ask for more as a busy young professional in London

Becky, BBC World (Thornfield Road & West Hampstead – July 2013)

Convenience with the bills. Well managed property. Great social life. Very efficient and helpful property manager. No complaints. It was perfect.

Aleem, Fitch Ratings (West Hampstead – June 2013)

Size of room. Simplicity of payment – just paying one lump sum a month and not having to worry about bills. Having a cleaner for the kitchen and bathrooms – the issue of these areas being dirty and whose responsibility it was to clean them has been a source of conflict in previous house-shares, so it was nice not to have that at Springboard. Lovely kitchen and living room area downstairs. Rob being very helpful and quick to respond to any queries

Lindsay (Bamborough Gardens – June 2013)

Fantastic social aspect. I’ve made some wonderful friends.

Katherine, Deloitte (West Hampstead – June 2013)

I have throughly enjoyed my nearly three years at Springboard; I think the friendly social atmosphere of the building is one of it’s greatest strengths. In addition, I have always found both Rob and the maintenance team to be extremely helpful and repairs I have requested have always been completed very quickly.

Daniel, MOD (West Hampstead – June 2013)

I have really enjoyed staying at Thornfield, it has been a great experience. Everyone is really lovely and made me feel welcome. I recommend it to anyone moving to London. Rob, you do a great job!

Kira, Foxtons (Thornfield Road – May 2013)

Springboard is a fantastic place for people starting up in London. It has a great atmosphere and the people here are lovely. The maintenance and upkeep of the house is also brilliant. If there are any problems, they are solved very quickly. Having all the bills covered is very useful.

Matt, Abercrombie & Fitch (Fulham – May 2013)

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Springboard, everyone’s been really friendly. It’s reassuring to live somewhere where everythings organised and you feel safe. Rob is great, always friendly and happy to help. Look forward to coming back one day.

Alex, Deloitte (West Hampstead – May 2013)

Fantastic time at Springboard Rob, wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Charlie, Surveyor (West Hampstead – April 2013)

Social atmosphere. You always supported the house to ensure that Springboard was as fun as advertised on the website. From supporting parties to purchasing a table tennis table, to a large screen tv – it has all added to the experience – Quick response to house issues. Whenever I contacted Rob re any problems with the house or my room he made sure they were dealt with quickly.

Ben, PWC (Fulham – April 2013)

A very nice and friendly place to stay. Rob was very helpful and always on top of things. Locations was amazing and for the monthly rent, well worth it. Highly recommended to anyone for short or long stay!!!

HSBC Graduate (West Hampstead – April 2013)

Decent sized room, en-suite was good. Kitchen facilities were as expected and cleaning service saved a lot of time and hassle of washing up. Good extras (pool table, table tennis etc.) which added to the social side of the house – handy as I didn’t know anyone when I moved down here!

Colin, Aberdean Asset Managment (West Hampstead – March 2013)

Great concept – as moved down to London for the first time and enabled me to make alot of friends quickly.

Matt, CBRE (Fulham – March 2013)

Great place to live when starting out in London. Has a real community feel to it and building management is great and very helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Akshay, Amazon (West Hampstead – February 2013)

The furniture and appliances were all fantastic, very modern, clean etc. The concept is ideal for moving to London for the first time as it removes much of the stress of moving, finding a room, dividing up bills etc. The cleaners!

Hayley, KPMG Graduate (West Hampstead – February 2013)

Nice house, good housemates, Rob was good at taking care of things that went wrong in the house

Pierre, Consultant (Bamborough Gardens – February 2013)

Everything was great – no complaints at all!

Liliane, Ernst & Young (West Hampstead – February 2013)

Springboard was like having a big family – great for making friends when I was new to london

Laura, HSBC (West Hampstead – February 2013)

Quality room. Sky Plus. All in one bill. Cleaner does excellent job

Crossrail (Thornfield Road – Jan 2013)

Quick response from Manager Rob when there is a issue and to get it sorted. Yes, I did enjoy my stay. Sociable atmosphere, nice and friendly neighbours.

Fashion Graduate (West Hampstead – Jan 2013)

I have loved my time at Springboard Fulham, I moved down to London not knowing anyone and instantly met a group of people who have become great friends. It’s a fantastic atmosphere with so much going on, I have never once felt lonely or bored and would recommend it to anybody!

Arcadia (Fulham – Jan 2013)

The social aspect. Sky tv and lots of kitchen space is great. Garden is a massive plus in the Summer! All problems are generally resolved very quickly.

Deloitte (Fulham – Jan 2013)

I enjoyed meeting friends, not having to worry about splitting bills and feeling save and secure in my home.

Crossrail (Thornfield Road – Jan 2013)

I’ve had a really fantastic few months at Springboard, and am only moving out because I had a prior agreement with a friend and if I don’t move now I probably never will. It was a great place to spend my first few months in London, finding my feet and getting to know people. I think the communal spaces are brilliant (really no idea why more people don’t use them but I’m not complaining) and the pick up in the social stuff over the latter half of the year has been great – pub trip, LoveFilm subscription etc. I’m only moving 10 minutes or so down the road, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

Research Executive (West Hampstead – Jan 2013)

Well equipped, excellent cleaning service, good security.

Inteligent Office UK (Bamborough Gardens – Dec 12)

My whole experience was great. Had very cool flatmates and enjoyed the occasional parties. The management was very efficient as they dealt with issues asap.

Zenith Insurance PLC (West Hampstead – Dec 2012)

Well managed, attentive to issues, good mix of friendly tenants.

Boston Consulting (Thornfield Road Dec – 2012)

The cleaner three times a week was the main reason this arrangement worked so well. It eliminated most of the tension that could arise between people in the house. – The all-inclusive billing makes life easier (but think about including the cleaner in the weekly cost when renting the rooms). – So reasonable and helpful when it came to repairs in the house. Rob is always understanding and pleasant to deal with.

BBC (Bamborough Gardens – Nov 2012)

Hassle free, very friendly and understanding manager, i.e. Rob, very helpful as well Cleaning service Communal space

Tower Watson (West Hampstead – Nov 2012)

Great support from management regarding any issues or problem to do with building maintenance – mostly, other tenants in the flat were nice and friendly – good to know there were organised events within the springboard community.

Tower Watson (West Hampstead – Nov 2012)

I liked the fact that everything is laid on so one knows exactly what ones outgoings are. Close proximity to transport links is also a great plus.

Virgin Media (Thornfield Road)

1) Love the concept of rent includes all the bills- no hassle to make bill payment by ourselves. 2) Building management is very professional and attentive to all repair request etc and very helpful to resolve any issues regarding maintenance promptly. Its easy to deal with Rob and Authur who also help sign our mails for us when we are not it. 3) The building safety and security is good- from the 3 tier security system to the people living here. I feel very secured all the time. 4) Our kitchen are clean most of the time.

VRBS (West Hampstead)

I thought that Springboard was convenient. The location is really good and the ease of not having to deal with more than one bill. I felt that there were plenty opportunities to meet new people, if i felt that I wanted to but did not feel that I was obliged to do so. I thought that the fact Rob was on hand at all times was good as he dealt with problems in a reasonable timescale. I felt that Rob would deal with all issues that arose with no complaints.

BPP Graduate (West Hampstead)

Transition of handing over the keys and the welcome from Rob. The house is lovely. Rob was contactable at all hours of the day; even left a voicemail at 23.30 with a call back within the hour when we fused the house. Problem was sorted over the phone…very rare does that happen

Network Rail (Thornfield Road)

The fact I have stayed at Springboard West Hampstead for 6 years speaks for itself! Living in the building has provided everything I wanted it to when moving to London – a safe place to live, no hassle in relation to bills and a great place to meet new friends. It made moving to London far less daunting than it could have been. A big thank you to Rob and all the team for a great time, with many fantastic memories!

Hogan Lovells (West Hampstead)

Springboard is incredibly convenient, both in the ease of paying all bills in one payment and in having Rob on site to deal immediately with any problems that arise. This is a godsend when compared to issues I have had with landlords in the past.

Ernst & Young (West Hampstead)

Very easy move in and Rob very helpful and willing to be flexible with move in’s etc to suit my move to London. Good crowd of sociable people in the building and the cinema room and kitchen are absolutely ideal for socialising – you can choose to be sociable when you want to, but have privacy when you don’t. Parties fun and a good way to meet new residents.

HSBC (West Hampstead)

I honestly have nothing bad to say about Springboard. They have been great. The accommodation is the best I have seen in London by far, and the cleaner makes sure that things never get to dirty.

ITV (Thornfield Road)

Springboard makes living so easy. All bills are included and the cleaner makes life much easier. Most issues are solved in a timely manner which is good. Most residents are like- minded young professionals which makes living arrangements pleasant.

JP Morgan (West Hampstead)

The facilities are excellent – the rooms are well-appointed, modern and everything is kept clean. I enjoyed meeting other people in the building. Repairs and other issues were taken care of quickly. There was never an issue with utilities. Fast internet and a reliable connection. I will consider moving back into Springboard when I return from my overseas secondment.

Mayer Brown International LLP (West Hampstead)

A great location, friendly atmosphere, good quality furniture and an all-inclusive price.

Slaughter and May Graduate (West Hampstead)

Springboard is a fantastic offering with one simple monthly payment – it really does take all of the stress and hassle out of the move to a new city! Great house and I wish you had properties in Edinburgh and other cities!

RBS Graduate (Fulham)

Springboard was the first place I lived in in London when I started working. And I only moved out only when I got married and we needed a bigger place. It’s easy to see why one wouldn’t want to leave – one bill and one contract (rent, water, heating, electricity, internet, cleaner, etc) meant that life was hassle-free. If that was not enough, you throw in the conveniences of a cinema room (with great sofas and bean bags), gym onsite, table-tennis table, conservatory/games room, BBQ area and you can see why I struggled to leave. Saving the best for last: the ability to meet so many young professionals in an informal setting was a great opportunity to make new and in some cases, long-lasting friendships. Did I mention SB removes the nasty bits of having flatmates by giving you your own bathroom, a daily cleaner for communal areas and tip-top kitchen equipment (large fridge/freezer, washing machine, dryer, multiple hobs) and no bill-sharing? Five stars.

White & Case Lawyer (West Hampstead)

It was an incredibly good find, the room is a great size and I really felt at home. The cleaner was amazing and the handyman was a really nice guy too, Rob always did his best to get issues sorted quickly and given that it’s a 9 person house, it’s been hassle free.

William, Account Executive, Saatchi & Saatchi (Bamborough Gardens)

Springboard gives the perfect balance of allowing you time to find your feet in a new job, whilst engaging in an active and very fun homelife! I moved to London knowing nobody and will leave having made so many great friends – living in Fulham for the past year has been an amazing experience I will never forget!

Nestle Placement Year (Fulham)

Location – Very good in terms of transport links and local amenities. Broadband – Very fast internet. Had no problems with it at all. Storage – My room is not very big but has ample storage. The cleaners have always been very efficient. It is a nice house when it is clean and tidy and I have been very pleased with the high standards of the cleaning staff.

Marketing Graduate (Fulham)

I liked the company of the people at Fulham. they were a nice and fun bunch. The good thing is that Rob is always efficient at repairs. I have heard that London landlords can be really slow, but Rob has proven otherwise.

NHS Phd (Fulham)

All good, had a lovely time staying in Springboard, both in West Hampstead and Fulham!

Social Media Consultant (Fulham & West Hampstead)

It was a great first flat in London – knowing I was coming home to somewhere safe each night put my mind at ease when I was getting used to living in the city. The location is fantastic and transport links are excellent. Maintenance issues were dealt with quickly.

Arcadia Graduate (West Hampstead)

Totally enjoyed the social element of Springboard, met loads of nice people and good friends. Loved my room, no problems with that either. Definitely a memorable experience and convenient place to live in a great area.

Retail Graduate (Fulham)

I think that Springboard was great way to get use to living in London! I had everything that I needed in order to live comfortably. I would recommend this housing scheme to anyone that is looking for a place to live being new to London.

London Business School Student (West Hampstead)

I had a brilliant time at the house. It was a fantastic way to meet new people. I appreciated the genorosity of donations towards occasional parties.

New Media Graduate (Fulham)

Great place to meet people, especially when moving down to London. Nice social area and gym facilities, and loved the springboard parties. Good security measures. The right environment- can be a very social space or a quiet environment, when needed to rest.

KPMG Graduate (West Hampstead)

Springboard is an amazing concept, and has really helped me settle in to London, I would advise anyone who is/was in the same situation as me to consider this accommodation. The fact that there is a strong culture of socialising in Fulham is what makes it so good, and something which I hope will continue. Small things like a cleaner, laundry room and sky TVs are bonuses. The furnishings in the kitchen and lounge are impressive, I am assuming the garden is great in the summer also.

Recruitment Consultant (Fulham)

Nice secure environment and good location. I enjoyed use of the common facilities eg. gym and table tennis Very friendly and accomodating manager…thanks Rob!

Doctor (West Hampstead)

Everything it says in the add, takes the daunting prospect of flat hunting in London and offers a safe & frienly environment for people to find their feet in the city. Never wanted for anything, any request or maintenance was always done quickly and without question. Would reccommend it to friends.

BPP Post Graduate Student (West Hampstead)

The maintenance staff are really helpful and deal with any issues in a prompt and swift manner. My flat mates throughout the year have been really lovely, as have the other tenants I have met in Springboard. It was great having a gym on site and other facilities.

Douglas & Gordon Graduate (West Hampstead)

Springboard makes living in London so easy and comfortable. With one bill and everything arranged for you, it’s great for those moving to London for the first time. It’s a great place to make new friends and create a great social life for yourself!

Sainsburys Graduate (West Hampstead)

The management team was very responsive and always on hand when problems (internet, gas, water etc) occured. It very much helps having the building manager live in the building. – having everything taken care of makes this a great place to move into on your first move into London.

Deloitte Graduate (West Hampstead)

Great place to meet people when you first move to London. Very friendly environment = instant companionship. Enjoyed the inter-house events and social evenings. Loved the location in Fulham – really convenient for work and lots of places to go to out nearby.

Harrods Graduate (Fulham)

Thanks for making me feel welcome here. The socials etc. were great. I liked having an ensuite, and Rob is very responsive and helpful. I will miss being here!

Linklaters Graduate (West Hampstead)

I really enjoyed my time in Springboard. The social aspect was the best bit about it for me. Also the kitchen and laundry facilities are really good, as well as the level of cleanliness that is maintained by the cleaner.

Accenture Graduate (Fulham)

Its amazing how well Rob and Nick do their job. The only reason I am moving from this place is the location, otherwise, I’d love to be back at Springboard. In terms of fixing the maintenance issues or other issues, Rob and Nick have been at top of things almost everytime. Its very social and the number of activities have increased, which is a big positive.

Accountant (West Hampstead)

I really think that the concept in itself is what this place gets the most right, offering a very different experience to people coming from outside London and creating a space to make new friends and meet people who do the same or similar things and inevitably creating a social safety net and great home environment so that people aren’t as overwhelmed by coming to the big city and not knowing anyone. The interiors are of a high standard and the cleaner always does such a great job with making the place look presentable, the facilities are also excellent.

Female (Fulham)

Having moved out of Springboard for a short while I ended up moving back, which speaks volumes! It’s a great set-up for graduates, particularly those coming to London for the first time; a ready-made social life if you want it, luxuries such as the gym, cinema and high-spec kitchens that you certainly don’t get in a normal private let, and perhaps most importantly it’s completely hassle-free – perfect for the time in your life when you really want to be concentrating on your career and social life.

Accountant (West Hampstead)

Rob has frequently been a lifesaver – whenever anything does go wrong you know that it will be sorted out quickly and with minimal fuss, and the security of the building and its great location meant that I always felt very safe – invaluable i itself. In short, I cannot recommend Springboard highly enough and am very glad I made the decision to live there (twice!)

Accountant (West Hampstead)

Absolutely fantastic. I loved every minute that I have been a Springboard and have had a great experience. I couldn’t have imagined an easier transition to London life and found a great group of housemates who quickly became close friends. I will miss it a lot. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and making my time in London so enjoyable. I would not be moving out if the circumstances were different 🙂

Accenture Graduate (Fulham)

Very easy setup with bills etc. Location of the Shepherd’s Bush property is impressive and ideal for transport and nightlife. Cleaning service is first rate.

Accountant (West Hampstead)

Springboard is so easy and convenient, I loved my time there and will miss it greatly. Having to just worry about one bill is brilliant. The cleaner deserves a medal as she does an outstanding job every day. The social side cannot be beaten as you meet some very friendly, like minded people and makes settling in London much easier. Building manager (Rob) is always on hand and very approachable about any issues you might have. Sky TV and other modern ammenties are also great. Overall I would throughly recommend SpringBoard for anyone looking to settle in London.

RBS Graduate (Fulham)

Springboard is a lovely place to live. I made a lot of friends and really enjoyed my time here. Its one of the best things you can do if you are first moving to London.

Norton Rose Graduate (Fulham)

I liked having a downstairs area and I think introducing a pool table was a good idea. The parties I went to were really good fun and a great atmosphere. I especially liked the Halloween party when the downstairs was decorated. I think the maintanance staff were were very efficient. They always fixed a problem immediately.

Lane Clark and Peacock Graduate (West Hampstead)

The location is fantastic – near tube, overground, night buses stop right outside, near two towns (West Hampstead and Kilburn) for shopping, bars etc. The accommodation is very clean and any problems are sorted immeditealy by Rob who is available anytime. The downstairs has games, cinema etc – I did not really take full advantage of these due to other commitments but its great they are there if you like.

Police Graduate (West Hampstead)

Excellent services i.e. cleaning, maintenance (Nick was great!). Also, it’s great for a newcomer in London. I didn’t have to set up a kitchen as everything I needed was already provided. Friendly atmosphere.

Clifford Chance Graduate (West Hampstead)

I have had an amazing year staying at Bamborough Gardens during my time in London. Although on the more expensive side of the rented housing scale compared to other private accomodation it is a piece of mind to know that there is only one payment each month which includes everything – very low hassle! Maintenance issues are usually dealt with rather swiftly. Rob has been very good at sorting out hiccups and problems that arise unlike a lot of agents/managers that I have dealt with in my time! Social side of things has been amazing and I have made many great friends living here. Excellent to live with like minded people in a similar situation to yourself who you can hang out with in the house whilst maintaining a private life outside of the house. House is very safe and secure. Overall I have had a fantastic year in London and enjoyed my stay with Springboard Urban. It will be very sad to leave!

Msc Student (Bamborough Gardens)

The concept – Having the house maintained – Lovely rooms and large living space – All inclusive price I wish I could stay at Bamborough 🙁

Deloitte Graduate (Bamborough Gardens)

Excellent facilities and great effort is put into ensuring living here is as convenient as possible. Would recommend to anyone.

Accenture Graduate (West Hampstead)

Its been a really good experience over the past four and half years that I have stayed at Springboard.

Deloitte Graduate

Many thanks for a brilliant 3 years at Springboard. It has unquestionably been the best place I’ve ever lived and I have many great memories.

Government Legal Service Graduate (West Hampstead)

After a fantastic 3.5 years at Springboard Urban, I have now decided to move out of the building. I also wanted to thank you for all your help and assistance during my stay here. My compliments to the maintenance staff at SU (Nick and the team) who have contributed to a virtually painfree experience for me. I will continue to recommend tenants as I have in the past.

PWC Graduate (West Hampstead)

Thank you!! I really enoyed my time at Springboard, it was totally hassle free.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Graduate

I want to say a huge thank you for being such a great landlord! This has been the first time I have moved out other than uni halls and you have definately made it so much easier! Thank you!!! I have had a fab time for the year and a bit I have been here and will miss it lots!

Grant Thornton Graduate (West Hampstead)

I know one person who lives in Fulham at Springboard, and like me she came to London with no friends, but now has plenty!

Accountant (West Hampstead)

Playing devil’s advocate (and without this being an endorsement of any particular company’s services), it could be that this type of service fills an exact gap in the market, judging by posts made on this subject by young workers who feel they have good budgets for accommodation but can only find scruffy flatshares with Rigby type landlords. Young professionals may not want to take on the expense and responsibility associated with a long contract for a self-contained property themselves and want high quality accommodation with a responsive management service. Not all tenants are going to be bargain hunters fixated on finding sub market rents. So if they know the benefits of not paying peanuts.

Community Moderator Post on

It’s been great at Chez Springy. I hope you’ll continue to keep us posted on house outings…consider us Chez Springy Alumni!

Xerox Graduate (Fulham)

Thanks for that, I must say you’re pretty quick about getting things fixed in the house… it’s a refreshing change from where I lived before. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

Design Graduate (Bamborough Gardens)

On another note, I would just like to extend a thanks for being a good landlord during my tenure at Springboard – much appreciated.

Standard & Poor’s Graduate (West Hampstead)

I heard about Springboard through a tenant who lives in West Hampstead – she give me a quick tour and wow I was really impressed. The communal facilities are great!


And thanks so much for everything Springboard related – I had a brilliant time staying in Fulham, and hope to be back in February if you have room for me!

BBC Graduate (Fulham)

I really liked the rooms I viewed, especially the one with the mezzanine layout! I was especially attracted to the community spirit and the social aspect as I feel that I would meet lots of people in similar situations as myself.

Lawyer (Fulham)

I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed my time in the house and it has been a great place for me to get settled into my job and life in London

PR Graduate (Thornfield Road)

I can’t believe you guys exist! I’ve been doing work placements in London for the past 2 years as part of my uni co-op program and have had troubles finding places to live.

B Stokes

Hi Rob, I kind of have settled down by now and must say I really enjoy staying at Springboard. It is value for money accommodation and the location is perfect. I will definitely turn up at one of the upcoming events to get to know some of the Springboard people.

Medical Consultant (West Hampstead)

I have enjoyed living here and i’ve made some great new friends. It has been an excellent spring-board into London for me!

Accountant (West Hampstead)

The idea of moving to another city is daunting as I know only 2 friends in the city (and a handful of co-workers in our London office) and the fact that Springboard Urban community is made up of people in similar situations is fantastic.


I love the whole idea of Springboard, I can’t believe no one else thought of it!!

Charity worker

Finding the Springboard Urban website couldn’t have come at a better time, what a fantastic idea- perfect for people in my position moving to the city!

Accountant (West Hampstead)

It has been a real pleasure renting from you. Thank you so much for making it such a lovely place to live.

LM, Publishing (Thornfield Road)

I would definitely recommend this house to everyone coming to London! My favourite aspect is the social network.

CM, Management Consultant (Bamborough Gardens)

I decided to rent because of excellent quality of the surroundings, cleaner, own phone, and sharing with other sociable and pleasant people.

Female, Finance (Bamborough Gardens)

My favourite aspects of renting here is that it is newly decorated and furnished to a high standard and also sharing with other professionals.

(West Hampstead)

Spacious and relaxed atmosphere

TT, IT Risk Analyst (West Hampstead)

Enough space to be social if you want, or have your own space when you need it.

SH, Solicitor (West Hampstead)

I decided to rent with you because of the design, layout, rent and age of other tenants. I really appreciated coming back to a house full of friendly faces. I thoroughly enjoyed the Springboard Experience!

RL, Fashion Industry (Fulham)

Best thing is meeting and living with friendly people of similar age range, and building a good social network.

DS, Doctor (West Hampstead)

I had a wonderful time. You have an amazing place, and the people in there are fantastic. I was new and alone when I first moved here, and I really feel that I definitely made the right choice by living here.

Female, Finance (West Hampstead)

… the property looks fantastic. This place would be ideal.

Graduate, Male

…even if I have to live somewhere else until the West Hampstead site is completed. I want to be a tenant there as soon as possible because it is in a very good location close to my future place of work and also the facilities sound excellent.

Graduate, Male

I am just so jealous that this fantastic scheme wasn’t up and running when I moved to London!

Director of Graduate Recruitment

The offer sounds too good to be true. I am a lawyer wanting to move to London but accommodation seems to be my first and only major concern.

Lawyer, Male

Thanks for everything during my time at Springboard. I would like to say that Springboard has been a fantastic experience for me and it certainly made the transition to London easier. I hope it carries on to be a great success in the future.

Marketing Graduate (West Hampstead)

I hope that Springboard goes from strength to strength, I very much look forward to watching it grow into new locations, and can testify that it certainly made the big jump from university to working life in London very easy, and a lot of fun.

Consulting Graduate (Bamborough Gardens)

I thank you for all the support and the wonderful accommodation that you have provided me here – and wish you all the best in the very future.

JP Morgan Graduate (West Hampstead)

Thanks Tim/Rob. Indeed, it has been a fantastic experience living at Springboard over the past year.

Lloyd’s Graduate (West Hampstead)

Thanks so much for putting on a great night as ever Rob; you’re a legend.

LDA Graduate (West Hampstead)

The concept and facilities are spot on.

ATOS Graduate (West Hampstead)

I had a great time at Springboard thank you- it really is a great idea for people who are new to London.

Law Graduate[ (Thornfield Road)

Thank you for sorting this out for me so promptly. I really did enjoy my stay at Springboard and wish you all the best with the future developments.

Recruitment Graduate

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