A lifehack is a little idea that brings about a big improvement. Graduating from university, moving to London, settling into a new job, making friends in a strange city, and fully embracing life as a young professional, are just some of the challenges faced by many of our Springboard tenants. Springboard is, in essence, designed to make what for many is a transitional stage in their lives, as easy and straightforward as possible. Our all-inclusive accommodation, on-site or close at hand dedicated landlord and friendly and welcoming flatshare environment, across a variety of central London locations, are just some of the ways in which we do this. However, from time to time everyone needs a little extra helping hand, and for that reason, I’ve pulled together a list of some of my favourite life hacks for young professionals living in London.

1.  Working life can sometimes be chaotic, leaving you with no time to eat, and at other times incredibly dull, leaving you mindlessly grazing on any snack within reach of your desk. Sound familiar? If it does, (and it does for me too) check out these tips for eating and staying healthier at work.

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2. Learn how to deal with failure. Failure is something that every young professional (and indeed, every human being) will have to deal with at one point of another, be it at work, in an exam, a relationship, or when trying to buy or rent a flat. Adjusting your mindset to better cope with this, has got to be preferable to having a full on melt down! In fact, it definitely is, I speak from experience!

3. 6 tips to clean up your social media act. An increasing amount of headhunting and networking is done via social media, and without you even realising it, your online footprint could be severely letting you down. I’m sure you know what I mean. And if you don’t, well, let’s just say that those fresher’s ball pictures of you throwing your guts up into your mate’s shoe probably won’t impress your future boss, just saying.


4.  On the subject of networking, here are some networking tips straight from the White House. Not quite your style? Mine either to be honest. In which case, you may prefer these networking tips for shy people.

5. This one may really not be your bag (and that’s fine!) but meditation and mindfulness is a simple, but often transformational way to relax. Interested in giving it a try? You can find the basics of it here.


6. I, and countless other young professionals I know, appear to exist in a perpetual state of however hard you try, somehow never quite being able to get enough sleep. Did you know that the optimal temperature for deep sleep is around 68 degrees or that if you fall asleep in five minutes or less, chances are you are sleep deprived? Me either. For more factlets such as this, and information on how to get better sleep, try here.

7. I’m slowly becoming a convert of Joe Wicks.  His #LeanIn15 healthy 15 minute meals and workouts are fantastic for the busy young professional who wants to eat well, but doesn’t have a lot of spare time to invest in cooking and food preparation. The results are usually pretty delicious too!

8. Making friends in a new city can be a daunting prospect. Luckily, Springboard tenants should find this easier than most, as whichever building they choose to move in to, they will join a welcoming and inclusive community of other likeminded individuals at a similar stage in their lives. However, London is an immensely varied and vibrant place and there are countless opportunities to meet new people. The Metro suggests a few of the more unusual ones.

9. 10 tips for achieving a better work/life balance. You can also read my personal take on this in a previous blog post I wrote, here.

10. Finally, most importantly, and the one you’ve all been waiting for; how to make that elusive perfect cup of tea!


I hope you’ve enjoyed these hacks. Of course, in my opinion, the most obvious and straightforward way of transforming your London life, to achieve comfort, balance and a true ‘home from home’ is by moving to Springboard today! Why not come and check us out for yourself? Click here to arrange a viewing.


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